Import procedures

Thus, to save himself from the botheration of complying with all the complicated formalities, the importer may appoint clearing agents for taking the delivery of the goods for him. The bill of entry contains the particulars regarding the name and address of the importer, the name of the ship, packages number, marks, quantity, value, description of goods, the name of the country wherefrom goods have been imported and custom duty payable.

Procedure and Steps Involved in Import of Goods

Sometimes some goods are restricted to export. The importer has to comply with many formalities for taking delivery of goods. You need to pack the sample and ship it to your customer, so they can check and test your product.

Unregistered sugar importers should include following information with their applications. The objectives of these controls are proper use of foreign exchange restrictions, protection of indigenous industries etc.

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The foreign exchange reserves in many countries are controlled by the Government and are released through its central bank. It is the responsibility of importers to pay all applicable taxes. Previous 6 import export procedure s are most important. There are three types of imported goods: The shipping company makes this endorsement or issues the delivery order only after the payment of freight.

A nominal rent is charged for the use of these warehouses. If the importer is an actual user, that is, he wants to import goods for his own use in industrial manufacturing process he has to obtain licence through the prescribed sponsoring authority. But if the goods are liable for duty, the importer has to pay custom or import duty which may be based on weight or measurement of goods, called Specific Duty or on the value of imported goods Ad-valorem Ditty.

The importer has to submit three forms of bill of entry along-with Port Trust Dues Receipt to the customs office. The bonded warehouses are used by the importer when: A nominal rent is charged for the use of these warehouses. After obtaining the licence or quota, in case of an established importerthe importer has to make arrangement for obtaining necessary foreign exchange since the importer has to make payment for the imports in the currency of the exporting country.

The mode and time of making payment is determined according to the terms and conditions as agreed to earlier between the importer and the exporter. The shipping company makes this endorsement or issues the delivery order only after the payment of freight. Usance bill is to be paid within a particular period after sight.

To establish a company, you also need to pay some government fees. This receipt is a document of title and is transferable.

Import and export procedures

If the exporter has not paid the freight, i. The buyer needs to arrange the advance payment to confirm the order. This will save the importer from the trouble and expenses of carrying the goods from the warehouses to his godown.

In open indent, all the necessary particulars of goods, price, etc.Customs requirements. All importers are required to submit the below listed documents to Ghana Customs for processing of import documents: Original bill of lading. Both CBP and the importing/exporting community have a shared responsibility to maximize compliance with laws and regulations.

Import and export procedures

In carrying out this task, CBP encourages importers/exporters to become familiar with applicable laws and regulations. Import Procedures All goods imported into Singapore are regulated under the Customs Act, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act and the Regulation of Imports and Exports Act.

Import and export procedure(s) & documentation

Imported goods are subject to GST and/or duty payment. 2 (Must know) import and export procedure(s) and documentation.


If you are starting export-import business, then you need to be well aware all of the import and export procedure(s) and urgenzaspurghi.comg import and export procedure(s) and documentation is critical if you want all runs smoothly without surprises.

Import Procedures The Customs (Control & Management) Act Cap includes many provisions which authorise Customs Officers to exercise control over goods and conveyances in. Here lists the detailed steps in import, export, and outward processing.

Hong Kong companies, especially SMEs, can act in due course with reference to the steps mentioned.

Import procedures
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